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Srinivas Palanki
Professor and Chairperson


Higher education in the United States is at an important and crucial crossroad. Institutions have come under increased financial pressure and accountability scrutiny tied to state budget allocation. Higher education institutions, more so than ever, must now step forward as true change agents for the country in knowledge and technology transfer, while at the same time maintaining core educational values and missions. Public research universities are increasingly being asked to create a larger footprint of entrepreneurial and economic development activities aimed at jumpstarting regional economies and ensuring the future of the nation as a leading technological society. Engineering departments are core to this transformational effort.

I have been in academia since 1992 and have been involved in developing strong research-based academic programs in four different state universities. In addition, I have maintained a very active research, teaching and service portfolio, which reinforces my understanding of the support needs and professional goals of faculty in their critical role in the delivery of high-quality educational experiences. Above all, my work ethic is faithful to continuous advancement toward the actualization of strategic goals that embody an engineering department's mission and vision.

My Erdos number is 5 (Erdos->Rosenfeld->Feintuch->Tannenbaum->Cockburn->Palanki).  My academic family tree, dating back to 1650, can be found  here